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Did He not find you an orphan and give you refuge?

(Quran 93:6)


Gift Orphaned Children Warmth

11.4 million people in Iraq live below the poverty line, on estimate. Widowed women, orphaned children, the elderly or disabled poor of broken families and destitute households. Right now, they are struggling with a very different kind of lockdown. Iraq’s winters can be harsh. And for many of these families, the global crisis has made their dire circumstances even worse. As a result of the pandemic, this winter is set to be one of the harshest in years. To support orphaned children and their families, Al-Ayn builds safer, warmer homes for them. Despite the pandemic, we are still on the ground in Iraq (with renewed health and safety measures) readying poor families for winter. To date, we’ve built and repaired 495 homes, ensuring the orphaned children who live there, are protected from sickness and the bitter cold. But we know of so many more families in houses ill-prepared for a winter in lockdown. Can you help?  

100% of your donation will be spent on rebuilding the homes of orphaned children. We don’t deduct admin fees.

For £35 we can provide a precious double glazed window to help keep the heat in.

For £100 we can provide a sturdy new door to improve insulation and security.

For £325 we could replace 5 m² of roofing, protecting them from droughts, rain, snowfall, and removing the risk of ceiling damps.

For £35 we can provide a precious double glazed window to help keep the heat in.


For £100 we can provide a sturdy new door to improve insulation and security.


For £325 we could replace 5 m² of roofing, protecting them from droughts, rain, snowfall, and removing the risk of ceiling damps.

Children holding balloons

Number of Children Currently Supported: 63,079

Rebuilt Homes: 495

Children Currently Waiting: 2,965

100% of your donation will be spent on rebuilding the homes of orphaned children. We don’t deduct admin fees.


Last Winter

You met Zahra last winter. She is an orphaned child, and thanks to the generosity of Al-Ayn donors, her life is more stable now. Like many of the sponsored children our teams visit regularly, Zahra’s living conditions used to be dire. Her home, on the outskirts of Dewaniya, comprised of a series of mudbrick structures. Inside them were straw rugs, a pile of blankets and little else. There were no doors. To maintain some semblance of privacy, rags hung in doorways, offering neither security nor protection from the cold. Stray dogs roamed the bare land that surrounded them. A persistent sound of their barking, and the soft whistles of the winter wind, were a constant reminder for the family, of their utter vulnerability.

This Winter is Warmer for Zahra

This winter is warmer for Zahra. Her home is one of the many houses we’ve rebuilt in Iraq, thanks to the support of Al-Ayn donors. Zahra’s home will provide her and her family with safer, warmer winters for years to come. That means the world to us. With your support, we can reach more orphaned children, like Zahra, and give the gift of warmth this winter.

The Difference You Are Making

Your support has provided poor families in Iraq with those essential comforts, warmth and security with which to see out the winter. To date, Al-Ayn has built and repaired 495 homes, and we’re working hard to reach even more families in need. To find out more about the costs of building a housing unit, please get in touch. Email: [email protected]. Please note that the cost of construction and repairs varies significantly between provinces.

Our Toughest Winter Yet

Iraq, like most countries, was badly affected by the global pandemic. But thanks to you, we found ways to adapt in order to continue to support those most in need. On February 24th 2020, Iraq’s first case of coronavirus was recorded in Najaf. With the daily increase in cases, all of our projects came to a complete halt. We were faced with many challenges, and had to adapt our practices to resume work. We started using credit cards instead of cash, while distributing donations to the children we support. We created new routes and systems to deliver food and necessities during the curfew hours of lockdown. We worked out new ways to deliver medical equipment to hospitals without risking the safety of our volunteers.  The last few months have presented us with the greatest difficulties Al-Ayn has faced to date. However, we weren’t going to let that stop us from reaching those in need. Thanks to your continued efforts and support, we are now back to running our projects at full speed, with new procedures in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and beneficiaries.  We can still vouch that every penny you donate provides direct relief to orphaned children and their families, suffering in inadequate housing. Despite the restrictions imposed by the global pandemic, our teams on the ground are working hard to rebuild homes where the need is urgent. Please continue to support us.

Transparency at Al-Ayn

Every penny raised from your donations provides direct relief to orphaned children and their families suffering in inadequate housing. Despite the restrictions due to the pandemic, our team on the ground is continuing to rebuild homes where the need is urgent.


A Warm Winter

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