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Sponsor an
Orphaned Child

Sponsor A Child Now

Sponsor an Orphaned Child

Sponsor A Child Now

We believe that when you give children the tools they need to achieve their potential, the possibilities are endless. The monthly financial support received by each eligible child is life changing. With a minimum of £55 per month, the basic needs of the child can be looked after and they are brought above the poverty line. Orphaned children, just like any other children, deserve to be given a chance. A chance to grow, a chance to discover, a chance to believe in the limitless possibilities their future can hold.

Choose to be part of the reason they can dare to dream, despite being orphaned and living in poverty.

Sponsor A Child Now

Choose to be part of the reason they can dare to dream, despite being orphaned and living in poverty.

Sponsor A Child


 Can I contact the child directly or meet them?2018-11-04T23:51:38+00:00

Direct contact is not permitted. However, Al-Ayn can facilitate a visit between the sponsor and the child at the child’s local Al-Ayn office, subject to the approval of the orphaned child and their guardian.

How much notice do I need to give to end my sponsorship?2018-11-04T23:51:16+00:00

We kindly request four months notice, to allow enough time to find an alternative sponsor.

If I Gift Aid my sponsorship, will the Gift Aid be given to the child?2018-11-04T23:54:49+00:00

Yes. Gift Aid claimed on a private sponsorship is passed on to the child.

How does group sponsorship work?2018-11-04T23:56:14+00:00

You can come together as a group to sponsor an orphaned child. For example as a student society, football team, study circle, or just as a group of friends. Please appoint a representative amongst yourselves to correspond with us, and then they would need to fill in a sponsorship form as above.

The representative would be responsible for either collecting the amount needed for annual sponsorship (£660) and passing it on to us, or collecting the monthly amount (£55) on a monthly basis. You will receive details of the orphaned child sponsored once the first payment is received.

Please contact us on [email protected] if you require further information.

How is the Sponsorship Aid distributed?2019-04-16T14:03:59+01:00

Mothers (or the guardians) of the orphaned children visit their local Al-Ayn (Iraq) branch on a monthly basis in order to collect their financial aid. Collection points are designed to mimic a bank which allows the payments to be received in a professional manner where privacy is respected.

Children are encouraged to play in the play area or pick a toy from the Al-Ayn Toy Shop during this process.

This is especially important to Al-Ayn, as it allows checks to be made on the child, and the mother is able to communicate any issues or requests she may have.

In addition to the monthly allowances, orphaned children benefit from access to medical care, educational support, psychological rehabilitation where needed, and other programmes tailored to their needs.

What are the types of Sponsorship?2019-04-16T13:59:22+01:00


Private sponsorships are designated into the four following categories, and are subject to availability.

Standard Sponsorship (£55 a month): According to a study carried out by Al-Ayn (Iraq), this figure is considered the minimum amount required to lift a child out of poverty in Iraq.

Special Medical Needs Sponsorship (£70 a month): Orphaned children with disabilities or chronic illnesses are eligible for this type of sponsorship, and receive a higher amount to further cover the additional support and specialist care required.

Victims of Terrorism Sponsorship (£70 a month): Orphaned children who have lost their fathers due to terrorism are eligible for this type of sponsorship, and may require more intensive psychological rehabilitation to support them.

Academically Talented Sponsorship (£80 a month): This is the highest level of sponsorship, and aims to incentivise orphaned children to excel in school, with the hope that they may achieve their full potential despite their difficult circumstances.


What is the minimum period of time I can sponsor an orphaned child?2018-11-04T23:52:25+00:00

We kindly request a minimum of one year for private sponsorship, in order to be matched to a specific orphaned child.

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