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Bank Transfer

If you are making a donation via bank transfer, we ask that you use the relevant donation code from the list below as the reference, and add your Supporter ID to it if you have one. We can then allocate your donation accordingly.

To confirm the status of your bank transfer after making it, please click here.

Bank Details

Account Name: Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation

Account No: 20315753

Sort Code: 20-35-93

Bank Name: Barclays

IBAN: GB09 BARC 2035 9320 3157 53

Swift Code: BARCGB22

Bank Address: Barclays, Hammersmith Branch, 75 King Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9HY, UK

USD Account IBAN: GB26 BARC 2035 9359 5714 44

EUR Account IBAN: GB85 BARC 2035 9356 3084 66

Donation Codes

Orphaned Child Care Services:

General Donations for Orphaned Children: AYN GEN

Educational Support: AYN EDU

Medical Care: AYN MED

Psychological Rehabilitation Support: AYN REH

Vocational Training Programmes: AYN TRA

Leisure Trips: AYN TRI

Housing Support (General): AYN HOU

House Refurbishment: AYN REF

Orphaned Children with Special Medical Needs: AYN SPE

Families of Victims of Terrorism: AYN VIC

Continual Charity – General: AYN CON

Building Vocational Training Centres: AYN VOC

Building Psychological Rehabilitation Centres: AYN PSY

Building Houses Complexes: AYN BUI

Hikayati Centre: AYN STO

School Packs: AYN SCH

Purchasing Toys: AYN TOY

Shipment of Toys: AYN SHI

Religious Dues:

Khoms (Both Parts): AYN KHB

Khoms (Sahm Al-Imam): AYN KHI

Khoms (Sahm Al-Sada): AYN KHS

Zakat Al-Mal: AYN ZAK M

Zakat Al-Fitra: AYN ZAK F

Kaffara: AYN KAF

Fidya: AYN FID

Other Services:

Displaced Families: AYN DIS

Widowed Women Support: AYN WID

Ramadhan Parcels: AYN RAM

Thibeeha: AYN THI

Nither: AYN NIT

Qurbani (Udhiyya): AYN QUR

Aqeeqa: AYN AQE

General Work of the Foundation: AYN WOR

Governance Costs: AYN GOV


Call: 0203 719 5221   Ι   Email: [email protected]